Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pregnancy Morning Sickness

Question :  I'am now three months pregnant and I have suffering morning sickness from the very beginning . Is there anything I can do to ease it ? 

Answer :  Take heart , it will almost certainly soon be over . Morning sickness is much more common in a first pregnancy and usually stops soon after the first three months have passed. If you have some tea and toast in bed first thing in the morning it will give your stomach something to work on before you start the day . Get up slowly and in good time so that you don't have to rush to start work . Although there are many quite innocent preparation that your doctor can prescribe for you to use at this stage in your pregnancy , it really is best to marriage without any medication if you possibly can .

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My breasts became very hard and sore just after my baby was born

Question :  My breasts became very hard and sore just after my baby was born . Why was this ? 

Answer :  A few days after your baby was born the milk supply began . This happens so swiftly that the breasts swell up and become hard and sore . This is called engorgement . It can also happen to women who stop breast feeding , or whose baby has missed a feed .

Pregnancy test to be positive even if you are not pregnant

Question : Is it possible for pregnancy test to be positive even if you are not pregnant ?

Answer :  Yes , it is , though it is unusual . There are two reasons. The first is if you have had a very early spontaneous miscarriage ; this happens in 15 per cent of all conceptions. These very sensitive tests will diagnose pregnancy early and then you will go on a week or so later to have a normal period . The second reason for a positive test is very rare and occurs where the test is reflecting high levels of hormones which are being made from a very rare womb cancer called choriocarcinoma. Anyone who persistently has positive test, and who is not obviously pregnant, should discuss the findings with her doctor as matter of urgency .

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Simple Home Remedies for painful periods

Question : Are painful periods a normal part of a woman's life ?

Answer : on the first day or two of a period many women experience some discomfort , but any pain which keeps you away from your normal occupation should be reported to your doctor for proper investigation and treatment .

simple home remedies that can help

1. Placing a hot water bottle or warm wheat pack on the abdomen or back

2. Lying in a warm or hot bath

3. Sipping a warm drink, such as peppermint tea

4. Some gentle exercise, such as walking or stretching

Pregnancy Test

Question : How soon can a pregnancy test be done ?

Answer : Normally a doctor or clinic would want you to wait at least two weeks after the date your period was due . However , there are home testing kits available from the chemist which you can use from one to five days after your due date. No test is 100 percentage accurate , though, and  the earlier it is done then the greater the possibility that there may be some error . You should still go to see your doctor or clinic a week or so later and have the diagnosis confirmed . 

Pregnancy confirmation by blood test

Advanced Pregnancy Test meter

Monday, April 7, 2014

Large number of Hairs around my nipples

Question : My name is Sundari Chennai , Housewife . I have large number of hairs around my nipples , which I find very embarrassing . Is this normal  ?

Answer : This is constant source many women of misery to many women , but it is almost as common as having no such hair . Any of the usual hair removing techniques can be used on them , but plucking is not recommended as it sometimes simulates more growth. Hair around the nipple has nothing to do with abnormal hormones or changing sex , but like facial and leg hair it is probably an inherited family or racial characteristic . 

What are the causes of period pain ?

Question : What are the causes of period pain ?

Answer : Pain related to menstruation is called dysmenorrhea and there are two main types . 'Primary' affects young girls within a year or two of starting their periods , usually when ovulation begins to take place . 'Secondary' dysmenorrhea can start at any time of life but usually occurs after several years of normal pain-free periods . The cause may be due to a variety of conditions including fibroids , ovarian cysts or endometriosis .

Feels like lose a lot of blood during a period

Question : It feels like I lose a lot of blood during a period . How much is average ? 

Answer : Generally around one fluid ounce , or two tablespoonfuls . If you lose more than this , say over three ounces , or 80 ml., then this would be termed menorrhagia , or excessive loss . However the blood is diluted with a lot of mucus material, so that it may seem that you lose a lot more than this

Sunday, April 6, 2014

During periods Dark line appear across the top of lip

Question : About a week before my period is due I get a dark line across the top of my lip . It looks like a moustache and only fades slightly when my period is over . What causing it ?

Answer : There is a condition called chloasma , which is an increased pigmentation of the skin of the face and other parts of the body . It is often associated with pregnancy , but also with women talking the oral contraceptive pill . The places it appears are on the upper lip , across the forehead , round the nipples and in a straight line stretching down from the navel . The only way to treat it is to stop taking the Pill or disguise the line with make up .

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Gradually stop Menses losing a lot of weight

Menses gradually stopped over the last few months and she is also losing a lot of weight

Question : I have a 17 years old daughter who has been menstruating regularly for two years . Her periods gradually stopped over the last few months and she is also losing a lot of weight . She seems quite lively and doesn't  want to go to the doctor , but should I insist ?

Answer : The clue here may be her loss of weight . It is possible that she may be anorexic , because one of the first things to go in this condition are the periods . Try to persuade rather than insist , that she sees a doctor because her condition should be checked out . Do watch carefully what she actually eats-not what she says she eats .

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