Monday, October 27, 2014

After I had some bleeding after sex ,if it happened again and he some cream to use - Women's health Question


  I am in my early fifties and had a womb scrape last year after I had some bleeding after sex. I was told to go back my GP. If it happened again and he gave me some cream to use. It hasn't  recurred, but I am worried I may have a cancer that is not being treated?


  If no serious abnormality was found when you has the womb scrape then you don't have cancer now. what probably happened is that ht elining of the vagina was lacking in the hormone oestrogen. This naturally happens after the menopause and in some women gives rise to a vagina which is easily brushed  by sexual intercourse. If the bleeding does recur then go back and see your doctor again. If not then forget it.

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