Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sex before marriage

Sex before marriage is beautiful.  Humans cannot not find true joy by breaking God's laws Happy are the people who obey God by saying no to sex before marriage On their wedding night,  they don't worry about their lack of experience.  In fact,  the groom is happy that his bride has not experienced other men,  and she is glad that he never tried other girls.  

A virgin bride and virgin groom have the very,  very,  special joy of learning together from no one except each other. 

 Rhoda told us, "Next month is my wedding,  but I've had sex with other guys,  and my boyfriend has had sex with other girls.  We wish we were virgins.  What can we do ?

 We replied, "Repent.  Receive eternal life by trusting Christ.  He will help your marriage.  Yet,  you will still have some problems caused by your past sexual sins.Therefore encourage your children to remain virgins until marriage

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