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First night after the wedding

First night after the wedding

A bride and groom need some knowledge about what to do the wedding night.  And they on should receive that knowledge at the right time.  The right time is:  Just few days before the a wedding--  not sooner.  But don't young people need months to learn these things?  No.  

This chapter tells everything.  And to read this chapter takes an hour months.  Therefore,  a young person should not receive this book until just a few days before his/her wedding.  Adults should not leave this book laying in places where young people may find it.  

Young people are responsible to wait for sex until marriage.  If they start reading about sex too soon,  waiting becomes extra difficult.  When young people tell"I fear that I won't know us,  what to do when I marry,''  we reply, "Don't worry.  Within a week of your wedding,  you can easily get the knowledge you need by reading the right information."  

To churches we say, "It's good to give each young man and young lady a copy of this book.  When?  On their wedding day or a week before.  Not before that."
Information for the bride and groom

 After the wedding when a virgin bride and groom enter the bedroom,  their hearts are full of joy.  

This is the time they have been waiting for.  Before marriage they were tempted to have sex but they said no They obeyed God.  They waited for this day.  Now it has come!  They know God is pleased that they are beginning sex after the wedding.  And their families also They approve.  will enjoy sex more since their minds are free from guilt.  Yet,  in their hearts are some questions. 

She wants to have sex with her husband,  but she silently asks herself, "Will it hurt?"  And he wonders.  If I fail to satisfy her,  will she doubt that I'm a real man?"  But they will have no problem if they have the right attitudes.  His attitude should be, "I don't want to be sensh and just think of pleasure.  I love you.  want to my own give you pleasure."
Her attitude should be, "You must not worry if I don't reach orgasm tonight.  I won't blame you or say there is something wrong with you.  In the days and months to come,  we will leam to satisfy one another And we will enjoy the learning."  
If both of them have those attitudes,  they will feel free to talk with each other even telling one another what hurts,  and what feels especially nice.  

How beautiful it is when two virgins begin having sex after the wedding! 's another story for those young people who decide to disobey God.  For example,  when Grace was only 16,  she had her first sex with a guy named Sam.  During loveplay,  Sam feared, "If I do something wrong,  perhaps she will tell her friends,  Sam's a lousy lover'"  In fact,  both of them so they tried to were afraid of appearing ignorant act like experts.  After a very brief time of loveplay Sam

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