Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My wife is a good woman

My wife never wants to get excited during sex When I ask her how she feels during the action,  she replies,'  fee nothing."  Often I suggest ways we could make our sex more exiting,  but she set doesn't need to be exciting says,  regurgitates children. 

That's enough . We Christians shouldn't enjoy all those sinful  sexy pleasures like prostitutes do."  Satan whispers to me saying, "Divorce her and take a wife who wants to enjoy sex"  But I always remember my wedding-day-promise to be faithful to my wife until death.  In my office at work I see many attractive women,  but I never touch any of them since Christ is coming and he will judge all hidden sins. 

  My wife is a good woman.  I just wish that she would allow herself to enjoy our sex Can you write a  letter to us that we can read together?

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