Friday, August 29, 2014

Endometriosis doubt women health question and answer

  Endometriosis is something I have suffered from for the last two years, but my doctor doesn't seem to able to help. What exactly is it?

  Endometriosis occurs when some cells of the womb lining settle in other parts of the abdomen. Then each month, responding to the normal hormonal changes, these cells break down and there is a small amount of bleeding from the associated blood vessels - just like in menstruation. However in this case there is nowhere for the blood to go, so it collects just like a bruise. As the blood liquefies it may give rise to a strictly, Painful cyst which gets stuck on to other things, Like the gut. Blood is also intensely irritating to the peritoneum, So many sufferers experience a mini peritonitis each month.

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