Thursday, September 11, 2014

I began my new job my PMS has got worse - Women Quetsion & Answer

 Since began my new job my PMS has got worse. I now do a lot of travelling and don't always have time for proper meals. Could this have made any difference?

 Yes it could. Stress certainly doesn't help and irregular meals may be making it worse. PMS is often aggravated by low blood sugar levels, So it is important to eat regularly - preferably with no more than three hours between meals. If this is really impossible for you then you may get relief by carrying snacks that are high in protein or complex carbohydrate, So that your blood sugar level remains stable. This will help with those symptoms such as headaches, nervousness, irritability and flood carvings. But do make sure you don't overeat - otherwise this will give you problems for the other three weeks of your cycle!

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