Monday, September 8, 2014

I have Endometriosis symptons - women health question

 I think I have Endometriosis because I have similar Symptons to my sister who had it ten years ago. She was told to just go away and have a baby, but surely there is their treatment available now?

  Having a baby was the advice that was given, because a full nine months without any periods did often cause the endometriosis to burn itself out. Even f you have the same Symptons as your sister you cannot assume that you have endometriosis without going to the doctor for proper investigation. If you do have this condition, then there is now a nine month course of hormone treatment available, as well as drugs which suppress the pituitary gland. These can be used in the more difficult cases. Not every woman wants, or can have, a baby just to treat endometiosis.

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